Monethics is an online lending platform offering advance salary loans to fulfill all your short-term monetary needs. From paying pending bills to shopping & travel, we equip you with necessary money for any financial emergency. Our business works on transparency, ethical practices, and providing trustworthy services to all our users.
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Personal Loan

Personal Loan

With a salary backed structured repayment options, borrowers can repay the loan in most convenient way. We aim to empower young India with the right knowledge and resources to encourage financial independence.

  • Medical Loan
  • Emergency Loan
  • Educational loan
  • Holiday Loan
  • Shopping Loan
  • Any other purpose

₹2,500 to ₹200,000


62 days to 180 days

Interest rate

1.25% per month onwards

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Eligibility Criteria

All you need to be eligible for a personal loan

  • 1
    Must be an Indian resident
  • 2
    Age between 18 to 55 years
  • 3
    Minimum monthly Salary
    of >₹10,000

Employer Tie-up

Monethics - A partner in your employee's welfare.
A tie-up with Monethics brings you:

  • Employee welfare at Zero cost to the company.

  • No hassle of loan recovery from employees.

  • Higher cash flows available for business.

  • Less absenteeism and higher productivity.

  • Increase employee loyalty and reduce attrition.

  • Loan recovery by Monethics only.

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