How do quick loans work in the digital era?

Along with the growth of the nation, the technological industry has transformed the whole process over a period of time. Initially, we had to perform our daily tasks with our presence. But with time, the internet brought an ease in our lives slowly and steadily. It’s said that the one that’s slow and steady always wins the race. The Internet did the same thing to us. It slowly started giving us facilities for browsing information to make friends online. “Type and enter” for finding all the relevant study papers or information you need as per your requirement.

In this 21st Century, all the complex tasks have become feasible because of the mobile phones and internet. Life looks so simple now, especially for the working people. In case you forget to purchase something, the online market is the easiest escape without having to wait in the payment queues.

The fintech industry has also come a long way by allowing us to submit the forms online to create an account as well. Now KYC is also possible at the comfort of your home by a video call. You can also transfer money online by adding a beneficiary. In fact, in the times of Covid-19 pandemic, mobility has reduced and has changed the whole story. The Covid-19 virus has also brought financial crunch along with health issues. Opting for loans in such times has always been a rescue from the financial crunch. But, while social distancing was mandatory,

Monethics offered quick loans in a couple of steps.

1. Download the Monethics application and register.
2. Fill all the personal details and upload documents.
3. Get your loan sanctioned in 2-4 working hours.
4. Sign agreement and get disbursement.

The digital platform has made life so easy for everyone. Considering the Covid-19 pandemic, the development in the fintech industry has been a great relief. Here’s how the whole online process works so well.

How Did Quick Loan Make Our Life Easy?

Apply for any type of loan any time

When you go to a particular bank, you got to think a couple of times while applying for a loan. Also, the conventional loan process is lengthy as compared to the digital loan. Apart from this, there’s no guarantee of your loan application being sanctioned. Monethics comes into the picture when you are in need of a loan of any type: medical loan, emergency loan, holiday loan, shopping loan, personal loan, educational loan or any type of loan. We will put forth a helping hand to you to curb your financial needs.

No hidden charges

We do not believe in surprising our customers with hidden charges. The Monethics team keeps transparency with their customers so they pay and get what they see.

Affordable interest rate

After checking your documents, the Monethics team will offer you an interest rate as low as 1.25% per month onwards.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria of Monethics look pretty simple in order to serve the major crowd. Of course, you need to be an Indian resident with an age of 18-55 years while you are applying for a loan in Monethics. Is your salary only Rs.15,000/month? Don’t worry because at Monethics your loan can get approved with a salary amount higher than Rs.10,000/month.

The whole story is as simple as it looks now in the digital era. When banks cannot help you with small and instant loans, digital lenders like Monethics are a great help to fulfil our aspirations. So, why wait when we can reduce our financial crunch?